Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!

In a few hours, their will be a family gathering of 24 people for our Christmas Eve party. Ranger, a big thank you for all of your help which includes the items we borrowed. Pictures to follow. Well, maybe in the morning or maybe in the afternoon. Pictures after sleep. Yes, thats it.

Have a wonderful Christmas, Mark my hubby, Sarah, Richard, Mathew, Nathen, Susan, Madison, Micheal, Aunt Doc and Uncle Tommy, Uncle Ronnie, Aunt Alicia, Stephen, Elissa, Mom, Dad, Ed, Mew, David, Lynn, Michelle, Dave, Issy, Solaris, Nana, Kim, Marcia, Ron, Stephanie, Andrew, Patrick, Lee, Katilyn, Austin, Christine, Brandon, Great Grandmom, Mary, Carlos, Stephenie = UM Rules - sorry I had to do that, Adam, Veronica, Leigh, Leigh's Mom, Mark, Alicia, Garrick, Dayilyn, James, Yolanda, J J, Daniel, Marcos, Alfred his brother Marcos, Carmen, Jason B. Nelle, Michele, Gina, Ileana, Vee, Mat, Victoria, Serrina, Lou, Auroa, Carol, MnM, Zoe, Katilyn, Braford, Liz, Dennis, Patrick, Aunt Ruby, Uncle Charlie, Aunt Helen, Uncle John, Aunt Carilyn, did I leave anybody out? Hope not, is so HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


ol Doc said...

Merry Christmas, Y'all and enjoy the gathering of friends and family. We will check back after we figure you've had enough sleep and see any pix posted. That'll be way WAY later! And while you're sleeping, we'll be creeping - across the lawn to Sarah & Rich to enjoy the grandsons opening their gifts.... Yawn :o Big yawn :O

Mouse said...

Hope you have a Merry Christmas also! We had a great Christmas Eve dinner with Tammie, Chuck, Drake, Hunter (Chuck's sons and Tammie's step-children) ,Scott, Ronnie, and Betsy (Ronnie's fiancee)! It is so good to have everyone together! God bless you all!
Aunt Alicia & Uncle Ronnie

Zeta said...

Hi Aunt Mouse and Uncle Ronnie. Glad to hear everyone had a wonderful Christmas.