Wednesday, November 21, 2007

FREE! Now that I have your attention, please read below.

To family and friends. Please return your RSVP for the wedding; December 15, 2007, soon. S. and E. need to have a total count of people for the food between chicken and beef choices for the reception. Please, thank you.

Thank you, if you have already mailed your RSVP :).

This morning M. and I went to Cracker Barrel located in Homestead for breakfast. We felt as if we were in Fort Pierce for a moment.

Happy Thanksgiving!


ranger said...

Cracker Barrel is an appetizing name. Homestead has seen a lot of you guys, lately, what with the race and all. Did you find out the CB was open while down for the race?

You have good sources, anyway.

Zeta said...

Yes, M. found this out plus, a Starbucks is under construction around the corner form CB.

ol Doc said...

Those were some awesome race pictures. Our CB is still thriving and is a mile or so from our Starbucks which is also thriving. Up here, that's practically around the corner, no?

Zeta said...

Hum, once one steps of the train or out of a car, the CB and Starbuucks are around the corner.