Sunday, November 25, 2007

Caught a cold in the summer heat.

The weather has warmed up back to summer conditions and the cooler breezes were a nice change. How could anybody catch a cold in such beautiful weather? Yep, I caught a cold from a person who did not warn me they were sick.

The "Black Friday" of shopping seemed fairly smooth to me. Some stores opened at 4:00 am; why bother going to sleep. It was nice meeting Ranger and biged at the mall. Marks brother, wife and grandchild spent the weekend with us so we could gather for a holiday feast at Marks sister's house. They also attended the Friday event and did find items at Marshalls for their Grandchild.

S. is enjoying his condo and went to Publix to gather a few items since his work gave him a grocery gift card for Thanksgiving. We wonder if he is going to buy ketch-up for those of us who like this condiment.

1 comment:

Ranger said...

It may become a bring-your-own-ketchup household, (unless E likes it).

The little one is such a beautiful wee darling. What lovely eyes.

We all hope you are better soon. Really soon!