Saturday, October 6, 2007


M. and I went to get our hair cuts on Saturday and our hair dresser was trying to stop her tears as she approached us. After I gave her a hug, we volunteered to reschedule our appointments for next week. All she told me was she had a personal matter and would cry very hard when she started to talk about her situation. We told her not to worry since we would catch up with her next week. All I know is that she has been married for eight years with has four cats, no children. He sister lives in Ohio and her Mom lives in Columbia. My only guess is that her sadness was from her husband since her emotions were getting the best of her.

As we drove back home with the same amount of hair we arrived with, I kept wondering what I could buy as a gift to ease her pain. Card, chocolate, shoes, pastries?


RANGER said...

Your list of comforts includes shoes. We knew that!

I saw something on HGTV about a lady who is making edible high heels out of gourmet chocolate. What a good idea.

I hope your friend is better next week!

ol Doc said...

Do you think she'd go for a coffee with y'all and you could lend a confidential ear to what is troubling her?

Zeta said...

Great idea. M. went for his second hair cut appointment this morning and the manager told him her husband is divorcing her. She will be out of the salon all week and I will call her next week for coffee.

RANGER said...

I don't know him but anyone who interferes with peoples' haircuts is just not nice. She shouldn't have tried to work, should she? What a horrible shock.
Going for coffee ... super idea 01 doc.