Friday, October 26, 2007

His baby is 60 pounds in weight.

Smile and tell us how you really feel. :) We set up the TV in the living room so S. and E. could view the picture. We even offered to babysit for a few years. The TV is safe and sound back in its original box waiting for it new home.

Found the picture lost picture.


RANGER said...

This is really priceless. I am so happy you found it. No wonder you were so bummed to have it lost in the electronic wilderness.

Guys and their TV's!

Zeta said...

This is how I feel about shoes which is a fraction of the cost. :)

sarah said...

This is totally funny. It is true what they say.... little boys grow up to be men with expensive toys. Point in case......S.

Zeta said...

This is very true. Sitting in front of Tropical Elementary drawing computer games with notebook paper and a pencil was the first sign of things to come.