Saturday, October 13, 2007

A mango tree and a great story.

About eighteen years ago, a young lad named S. gripped a long stick from the ground and decided to cut the side bushes. The problem was, the stick only indented the leaves and the side hedge was not much fun to knock the leaves to the ground. His next thought was, the center bush, aka, a mango tree. S. realized that it was much more fun to knock all the leaves off this small tree which was round in shape. Then, the smaller branches all came off until just a stick was standing alone. S. thought this was fun until he heard his Mom's cries of, "What did you just do to the mango tree." Echo, shrill, and then he was told, you should plant a new mango tree in the yard before you move out. Well, we joked about this day throughout the years, and my goodness.

For my B-day S. E. and A. bought me a mango tree. Wow, I am so happy with my new tree. In a year or two, we will be able to sit on the patio furniture and share in our moment of glory.


Big Ed said...

The birds will peck out the fruit, lay waste to your yard as they perch on the limbs of their new house. J/K I'm sure the rest of us, those of us who love mango's, are jealous of your new gift. Just make sure the hurricanes don't take the tree away. Now you have a mango factory!

Susan said...

LOL! at Cousin Ed's comment. :)

Zeta said...

Yes, lol for Ed. If the birds wish to continue eating bird seed, then they must leave the fruit alone.