Thursday, August 2, 2007

Taurus is home agan.

The Taurus is back in our front yard after having the V-belt and AA-tensioner replaced due to heavy rain; pretty sure heavy rain is the culprit. A new rim and 4-wheel alignment was also part of the invoice repair for the Tarsus. The rim damage was located on the inside portion of the brim. Weights were attached to the rim which gave us a clue that the previous owner did not want to pay for a new rim. The car only had 16,000. miles on the engine and how in the world…..never mind. She must have been driving in hurry around the curb. We found a receipt in the car with her name on the ticket for a window switch repair in the glove compartment.

The PT Cruiser had the same V-belt and AA-tensioner replaced within the same thirty-day time span after the rain.

Who’s next for auto repair or a new water heater?


RANGER said...

May we exercise a waiver on the next opportunity to spend money on transport or infrastructure?

However, Joffrey's was awesome. Thank you and M.

Big Ed said...

I was soo tired at Joffrey's. I could barely stay awake. I rested all day today. I enjoyed M's and yours company though. M has great taste in restaurants.

ol Doc said...

We tried for a waiver on repair but woke up to rain, rain, rain and T. took the Saturn to the VA. He came back saying the driver side window leaks at the visor area and he'll fix it when it stops raining. Glad the Taurus is doing better.