Friday, June 22, 2007

Homework assignment from the job?

"Strengths Finder". "A new and upgraded edition of the Online Test from Gallup's. Now, Discover Your Strengths, by Tom Rath". My office has been assigned to read this book on our own time, and attend an on the time-clock meeting for four-hours on Saturday, July 14, 2007. The Gallup is a survey about the management workers in my office and how well are they treating the employees. This is the first time in the work force I have been asked to read a book that will benefit my boss and possibly me? So far what I have read deals with attitude and organization. This request feels odd to all of the employees since it was assigned by our employer and not our college campus. Every time I pick up the book it feels unusual since I am not getting paid to do a work assignment.


Ranger said...

I hope they provided the reading material. We'd be interested to know what the course is like, in July.

You could teach a course, yourself, on organization. I know about the goal oriented subsection of the course you might teach, too, but I'll keep quiet about that one.

Big Ed said...

Criticize your boss where it counts. Use the book to your best ability. LOL, just kidding, I know you want to be in good standing with your boss. Like, what are you going to do, walk around the place and just say your oppinion of all the management. Who wants to put themselves in peril.