Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Early risers today.

S.T. left early for a computer class and M.A. left early this morning to arrive at a 911 class. Odd, I am the only one not attending class today. A.A teaches a travel class to new co-workers, and enjoys interacting with other people.

Toys R Us and I will have a meeting of the minds this evening as I purchase a gift for Zoe’s baby shower this Saturday. The invitation has also requested for each guest to bring a bag of diapers to participate in a raffle. Hum, where she is going to store twenty to thirty boxes of diapers? This is a great idea for the person receiving the diapers cost wise.


ol Doc said...

I know people who have received huge amounts of diapers at their baby showers and were thrilled to not have to buy more for a long long time. Storage can be managed in a closet in baby's room. What a nice idea for Mom-2-B

Ranger said...

I don't think one can ever have too many diapers. The only drawback to disposables is that leftovers, if any, are not useful for lint free cloths.

Cloth diapers. Soo useful. But soo much trouble.

Hmmm, the student is the only one not attending some sort of class today.

ol Doc said...

Thought of another use for cloth diapers. You can hang the edge of one out the rear window and drape the length down to shade baby-dear from the sun. You can't do that with disposables as the pucker-factor comes into play and they don't shade anything useful.

(Bet the student did lots of other things today in lieu of sitting in classssss.....)