Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Need a break! We all do.

There will be a break for me after this Wednesday from school plus a break from work after Friday night T.G.I.F. My professor will still give me a ton of steno to study over the weekend and we are attending a quiet wedding at a relative’s home on Tuesday night. As a bonus, in my possession are two "Pirates of the Caribbean; At World's End” movie tickets for Saturday night. As long as I keep practicing my steno, graduation could be in my future. There is a possibility I could graduate a semester earlier than planned if I keep studying as I do now. I often wonder “How do I run out of time between the house Publix and school?” A co-worker pointed out the fact that school is time consuming because of the books we required to use. Yep, she right too. One day this will be over, or will it? There is a possibility that Cart Captioning is in my future which will require a few more classes. I could take one class at time until I finish the course while working full-time as a Court Reporter. There is more $ in the field of Cart Captioning, plus I can work from home full-time. I often wonder if my goals are realistic.


ol Doc said...

What is Cart Captioning. Is it done in the supermarket? In the hospital? I very much think your goals are realistic - working from home is the be-all and end-all of workspaces. Plus, unless you do video conferencing, you never have to take of your p.j.'s!


Ranger said...

S.B. "moved your cheese" and you went to seek a more valuable cheese. The best "cheese" is the one that fulfills you when you achieve it, no?

I have such faith that you can do whatever you set your mind on doing.

Zeta said...

The hospital has Medical Dictation Transcribers; however, the pay is far less than what a Freelance Court Reporter makes. One big difference is the steady paycheck. A Freelance Court Reporter only gets paid when she works. A court reporter who works for a judge Federal or State is also placed on salary. Working for the closest television station as a Cart Captioned Reporter in my pj’s from home is a nice idea. CNN is a station who runs the Cart Cap all the time at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes you will find a few errors when the keys are touched incorrectly if they are recording live. Working part-time on the side for a college assisting the hearing impaired is also something to take under consideration. The Datran Building near Dadeland Mall is full of attorney offices who may need depositions. A Freelance Court Reporter is self-employed and works for a firm at the same time. The firms sets up the appointments and takes between thirty to forty-percent of the income achieved.

Zeta said...

Yes, my cheese is about to become more valuable. Is that going to be Provolone or Muenster cheese?

Big Ed said...

Pirates of the Caribbean; At World's End”

At least you are going to the movies, I havn't gone in over a year or two.