Sunday, April 22, 2007

Test, test test, test final test, final test

Next week, I have tests on Monday and Wednesday. Why do they call the last week of semester tests “finals” when it is absolutely not the last test students will ever take? Thank goodness I went shoe shopping yesterday. This type of shoe therapy does help when life has more stress than normal, and especially when all size nine shoes and above are fifty-percent off. Thank you for the therapy session, and I have to hit the steno key board again, and again, and again. Court Reporters always get the last word.


Ranger said...

May we assume you visited Nordstrom's Last Chance? It's nice to have normal-sized feet. If you ever encounter an extra wide sale, count me in.

Hit 'em again! Hit 'em again! Harder! Harder!

Well, not harder but accurately and fast, no? We'll say a prayer for you.

ol Doc said...

We will keep you in prayer for Clarity, Calm and Quickness. Aren't those the 3-C's of Court Reporting? (JK!) Wear a pair of the therapy shopping trip results to take the test and remember, if you got to "meat coat", Court Reporters always have the last word! (that phrase in quotes comes from a letter I got from a client who wrote to ask about an upcoming court date.)

Ranger said...

Hey 01 doc, having to "meat cote" still makes me laugh through my nose.

Wait, I just got it: 3-C's?

Oh, I am slow, today.